Get Your Probate Leads Paid For (AND MORE) Every Month!

The way this program works is VERY simple. Often, during the probate process, an individual who stands to inherit money from an estate or trust needs funds quickly and can't or doesn't want to wait for probate to close. During your discussions with the Personal Representatives and heirs, all you need to do is identify that an heir needs cash quickly.

The program can get the heir a cash advance as quickly as 48 hours for as little as $5000 and a maximum of $600,000... and YOU will earn a generous referral fee based on the cash advance made to any of the heirs of any of your probates.

The only requirement is that the inheritor must be receiving money from a will, a trust, or some other provable asset they are inheriting as part of an estate. The key is that the asset must be documentable to be used as collateral against the amount of the advance. It can also be in the form of real estate if the house has equity, and the property is being sold or any other form of provable asset.

Your job is NOT to get involved with the paper chase or any other aspect of this process. All you must do is complete the simple form below and our cash advance partner's team will take it from there. One of their account reps will contact the inheritor to make sure there is collateral and arrange for funds to be sent out ASAP. As soon as those funds are sent, you will also get your referral fee.

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